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Springwood Community Kindergarten is a community kindergarten that is located at 19 Dennis Road in Springwood.
Springwood Community Kindergarten offers a kindergarten program for those children who are turning four years old by 30 June in the year they attend (i.e. the year immediately prior to the prep year). The kindergarten provides a high quality educational program that is delivered by two university educated early childhood teachers and assisted by trained teacher aides. 

Springwood Community Kindergarten Association Inc is a non-profit organisation, whose income is derived from Government subsidies and fees charged to parents. It is administered by a Management Committee formed from parents whose children attend the centre. 

Our kindy features:
Beautiful natural play spaces including the digging patch and an open air amphitheatre;
Playground facilities that foster gross motor development; 
A wide range of resources to develop children’s play and learning. 

Springwood Community Kindergarten is affiliated with The Gowrie (QLD). The Gowrie (Qld) Inc is a non-profit, early childhood organisation and a member of the national consortium, Gowrie Australia.

The National Quality Framework is a new integrated national approach to the regulation and quality assessment processes for kindergartens. Springwood Community Kindergarten's National Quality Standard Rating Level is 'Exceeding National Quality Standard.’ Information on the NQF can be found here. 

Springwood Community Kindergarten is proudly funded and supported by the Queensland and Commonwealth Governments.