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Outdoor Play

At Springwood Kindergarten, we believe that outdoor play is vital to children’s holistic development and provides key learning opportunities in a range of natural contexts.

Playing outside gives children the chance to explore the natural environment and have adventures. They can play favourite games, test physical limits, express themselves and build self-confidence.

Outdoor play can also mean more mess – and more mess often means more fun especially in areas at Kindy such as digging patch, sandpit and the water trough!

When children are outside, they have more space and freedom for big movements, like running, jumping, kicking and throwing. Physical activities like these are good for health, fitness and physical development.

Outdoor play also incorporates opportunities for “risky play” experiences that help children understand personal limits, think independently, cope with challenges and gain self-confidence.

Outdoor play is a central part of our program and children are encouraged to engage with the natural outdoor environment each day they attend.