Mission Statement
Our mission is that the children in our centre deserve access to quality early education. We strive to provide a caring, fun, safe, inspiring and educational environment for children.

Our Philosophy

Our kindergarten provides a safe and exciting learning environment for children in their year before Prep. Our centre philosophy is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework:

Belonging to a community of learners where people care for each other and their environment

Being able to take part in the joy and fun of learning together

Becoming competent learners who can make good transitions into school

Our centre aligns with the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline in which children are learning to:

  • See themselves as competent learners through investigating, researching, experimenting
  • Become part of a community of learners, learning to share, collaborate, co-operate and respect their friends
  • Learning respect for  Indigenous Australian culture and history
  • Take part in learning projects evolving from their interests and ideas
  • Express themselves through creative arts, music, visual arts, drama and dance
  • Communicate through speaking, listening, using symbols, text and print
  • Think scientifically and mathematically through play based investigations

Within this curriculum framework these learning goals are achieved through:

  • Active, investigative play
  • Focussed teaching in groups
  • Real life learning experiences such as gardening, cooking and visitors
  • Flexible routines
  • Working with children and families to use their home knowledge and experiences

We believe that our kindergarten will:

1.  Challenge and support each child to maximise their potential for learning by responding to their:

  • Individual needs and capabilities
  • Family and cultural backgrounds
  • Interests
  • Learning styles

2.  Provide a learning environment that:

  • Engages children in learning
  • Is aesthetically pleasing 
  • Is safe and hygienic
  • Is environmentally sustainable

3.  Engage parents as partners though:

  • Shared commitment to children’s learning through discussion, collaboration and documentation 
  • Participating in learning experiences with children at the kindergarten
  • Decision making about centre policy through discussions and  representation on the management committee,
  • Show support and respect for parenting practices through discussion, information and participation
  • Preparation of children for transitions to school

4.  Provide safe and collaborative working environments for staff through:

  • A shared commitment to high quality early childhood education
  • Respect for professional knowledge and skills of each staff member
  • An environment of collaboration and support
  • Practices that protect the health, safety and well being of staff


The Springwood Community Kindergarten follows the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG)  which states:

Throughout the kindergarten Year, children's right to experience the joy of childhood is fundamental and learning is promoted through play, and emergent and planned learning, and interactions.

Kindy Management

Springwood Community Kindergarten is a community dedicated kindergarten affiliated with Lady Gowrie (Qld). Lady Gowrie provide ongoing, comprehensive support to our Management Committee.

Our Centre is an independent not-for-profit Centre operated by a loyal and dedicated team of staff members and a volunteer Management Committee. The annually elected Management Committee consists of parents whose children attend the Centre and oversee the day-to-day and long term strategy of our team. The Committee meets on a  monthly basis and works closely with teaching and administrative staff. Committee members can be contacted at president@springwoodkindy.com.au.

The majority of our income is derived from Government subsidies and attendance fees. Additional funding is sought through grant applications and occasional fundraising.

The Centre is licensed by the Office for Early Childhood Education and Care under the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 and the Education and Care National Regulations.

National Quality Framework - Exceeding

Kindergartens are assessed and rated by the Queensland Office of Early Childhood Education and Care against the 7 quality areas of the National Quality Standards. The Standard is part if the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care established in 2012 to help ensure your child is given the best possible start in life. The Framework is administered by the Australian Children's Education and Care Authority.

Springwood Community Kindergarten receiving an Exceeding rating in all of the 7 quality area.
  1. Educational program and practice
  2. Children's health and safety
  3. Physical environment
  4. Staffing arrangements
  5. Relationships with children
  6. Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  7. Governance and Leadership
For more information about the Framework see: https://www.acecqa.gov.au/nqf/national-quality-standard

Kindy Environment

The Kindy is set up to provide spacious and challenging indoor and outdoor activities. The natural surroundings include a large playground with plenty of grass to run, sand, rocks and mud for children to play in and shaded areas for quiet play. We have a large covered sandpit, a climbing fort, swing area, digging patch and nature area. The staff encourage the children to discover the natural environment and visiting wildlife.

Our indoor spaces are well equipped with resources that are continually being updated and exhibits are loaned from the Qld Museum to further enhance the children's learning.

We also have our own veggie garden as caring for the environment and sustainability are core elements of the Kindy's program.